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Welcome to Value Recovery, the official web launching portal for the entire family of Value Recovery companies. We are committed to optimizing the value of underperforming assets.

We possess hands-on experience with public and private organizations to work effectively with distressed assets, Brownfields burdening the community as well as design processes and develop strategies necessary for the funding of alternative energy.

Each member of the Value Recovery family specializes in a unique core competency that focuses on recovering latent assets previously deemed a challenge. We encourage you to visit these companies and see how we work together to “recover the value” from distressed assets and “provide value” to new energy projects.

Government Services


Value Recovery Group resolves financial obligations for debtors and creditors by providing creative solutions.

We perform asset management, advisory and asset recovery services for GSE’s, commercial banks, thrifts, private investors and financial agencies, including the FDIC and HUD.


Global Recovery Group, LLC, handles the claims management and recovery work for The Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.


Value Recovery Holding
 is a GSA certified small business 
(GS-23F-0014x) that specializes in financial consulting as well as asset management, recovery and restructuring for federal, state and other public sector clients. We combine expertise in complex financial analysis and advice, asset management, forensic accounting, financial investigations, research, financial structuring or restructuring, litigation and judgment enforcement to optimize recovery outcomes for underperforming and nonperforming assets. In addition, through our long standing in-house capabilities with advanced technology specialist and marketing professionals, we are able to offer a full suite of government service capabilities.


Real Estate
CPoG Central Park is a unique business campus of over 200 acres, combining a professional setting with a relaxed and creative environment for employees.  Central Park’s surroundings afford businesses a place which combines innovation and productivity in a campus-like setting.  Employees can stroll pathways along deep wooden ravines and enjoy walking connection to dining and other services   Central Park is a place that employees can work hard within a setting that allows them to relax, regroup and be creative. Fully developed, Central Park will host over one million square feet of design-build office space, The Golf Village at Central Park with a nine-hole executive golf course, pitch-putt course, putting course and driving range, clubhouse with food service, walking and biking trails, and readily available services.
Service Businesses


The Fromm Law Group is comprised of talented lawyers with local, national and international experience covering business law and difficult collections for the private and public sectors.

The Depot

The Depot
is a tangible example of Value Recovery converting a distressed train station in to a state-of-the-art meeting and event facility. This renovated 1880’s train depot is now located in Columbus, Ohio and offers a private and elegant meeting space with full media services for executive retreats, private parties, wedding rehearsals, team building seminars and board meetings.

The Golf Depot The Golf Depot at Central Park is a world class Play, Practice and Learning center. The aim of the facility is to make the game friendlier for new players and less time consuming for current ones. Golf Instructional programs will be offered for all ages, from beginners to tour professionals, men, women and children. 

A unique pub with a view. Enjoy the finest in Americana fare at Barry's. Here you can sit down in our beautifully restored train depot and enjoy a chilled beverage and satisfying meal all while checking up on the latest news in the world of sports.

Not only can you enjoy fantastic pub food, you can do this while enjoying a spectacular view of downtown Columbus. This amazing view which is accentuated at sunset, can only be described as "Magical".

American Railcar

U.S. Railcar Company was formerly Colorado Railcar Manufacturing. In June of 2009 Ohio Railcar Group, LLC, was formed by private investors, affiliated with Value Recovery Group, Inc. (VRG) of Columbus, OH, to acquire the assets to resume the production of the companies popular Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs). This new modern self-propelled passenger train is fully FRA compliant and ready for immediate revenue service on all regional and intercity rail lines across North America.

919 Old Henderson Rd. Columbus, OH 43220 - 614.324.5959
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